Art of Christmas ~ Fri, Dec 8, 7:30PM


Presented by PATRICK HUNT, Ph.D.
FRI, DEC 8, 7:30PMPM

The birth of Jesus of Nazareth is a uniquely Jewish, as well as Christian, family story ~ it is, in fact, a universal family story. Dr. Hunt draws on his own Jewish and Christian background to present this touching lecture, which draws on images that highlight the universality of this familiar first-century story–and hearers may never think of the Nativity in quite the same way again.

Presented by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church of Santa Clara in partnership with the Islamic Networks Group (ING) of Santa Clara County

Location: St. Mark’s Community Center


Patrick Hunt believes that the perceived boundaries between academic subjects are too often arbitrary and artificial, and thus explores junctures between many intersecting areas of interest across the broader humanities, sciences, and the arts. Patrick has followed several of his life-long dreams ~ archaeologist, writer, composer, mythologist, poet, and art historian ~ at Stanford University since 1993, where he directs the Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project. He earned his Ph.D. from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, at the University of London, and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of the UK. Dr. Hunt is a National Geographic Expeditions expert who frequently appears on TV’s National Geographic Explorer, Nova, and The Discovery Channel. Articles about his Hannibal research have appeared in National Geographic, Archaeology, and Earth magazines, among others. He is the author of the just-published Hannibal; as well as Ten Discoveries That Rewrote History; Puer Natus Est ~ Art of the Nativity; Poetry in the Song of Songs; Myths for All Time; Alpine Archaeology; and When Empires Clash: Twelve Great Battles in Antiquity, among many other books.

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